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Company Vision

  • Developed and commercialized the next generation broadcast platform, ATSC3.0, to secure sales and profitability.
  • Provide products that enable customers to use a variety of new broadcast content and services.

Our Goals

  • Provision of broadcasting reception products by adopting new broadcasting format standard ATSC 3.0.
  • Provision of UHD Mobile Broadcast Receiver & Module
  • Provision of ATSC 3.0 Home gateway

Company History

2017. 08    Established LowaSIS Inc.

2018. 01     Established Research institute

2018. 01     Selected as E-Family Company by Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute

2018. 02    Demonstrate about ATSC 3.0 UHD Mobile at PyeongChang Winter Olympics

2018. 03     Join Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Member

2018. 04     Participated in NAB SHOW 2018 (Las Vegas)

2018. 05     Participated in KOBA SHOW 2018 (SEOUL, COEX)

2018. 05     Participated in ICT Commercialization Festival 2018 (SEOUL, COEX)

2018. 06     Certificate of Venture Business (Small & Medium Business Corporation)

Business Area

  • ATSC 3.0 Based Reveiving USB Dongle, Mobule
  • ATSC 3.0 Based Gateway, Set-top-box
  • ATSC 3.0 Middleware sofeware

Other Products

Giga Internet speed measurement terminal for ISP

  • A terminal that measures the Internet speed when a business operator installs IPTV or high-speed Internet and transmits the Internet environment to a provider server.

DtoA Converter

  • Cable TV broadcasting receiver that allows digital broadcasting to be watched by subscriber with analog TV